Sigrid’s favourite ingredients for beautiful skincare

When you ask Sigrid – our Managing Director – what her favourite ingredients for beautiful skincare products are, her eyes light up (which is a testament to how much of a skincare junkie she is!).

Sigrid is a whizz in the lab and her formulations have a myriad of functional and elegantly simple characters, each deeply-rooted in nature’s ancient knowledge. Then there’s also skin type and need to consider. All skin types have a place in Sigrid’s lab (no matter how diverse) and all needs are covered by a wide selection of ingredients, whether for health, protection or beauty enrichment. There really is a solution for everything in nature’s magical ingredients, and it’s our job to match these natural solutions together.

Every ingredient has its own unique story to tell, which is why choosing a favourite can be challenging. Sigrid’s top choice? Butter!

Divine butters like shea butter, aloe butter, mango butter, tangerine butter and blueberry butter top the list for good reason – they’re gorgeous emollients that protect and moisturise the skin while improving the skin’s natural barrier… and they smell wonderful! Here’s the lowdown on Sigrid’s favourite butters:

Aloe butter

Aloe butter is enriched with aloe vera extract and hydrogenated vegetable oil – which means the oil is infused with water, making it more solid in texture with extreme moisturising properties that nourish and protect the skin. By using this butter, you can expect to create gorgeous, functional formulations with a rich and creamy viscosity.

Tangerine butter

Tangerine butter is infused with tangerine peel oil which stimulates the senses and boasts a sweet citrus aroma. It tastes great in natural lip balm (so yummy you want to eat it!), is a great moisturising emollient and naturally contains high levels of vitamin A to invigorate the skin.

Blueberry butter

Blueberry butter is enriched with blueberry fruit extract – but make sure you always go for the certified organic kind! Organic super fruit butters act as a regenerating, moisturising, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Not only do they offer a high level of moisturisation, but they also support cellular regeneration – free radical scavenging helps with cellular renewal and contribute to healthy skin.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with butters. They’re perfect for a variety of products with natural ingredients, from nourishing soaps and moisturising lip balms to body creams and hair care. Don’t be afraid to play with textures, colours and aromas when formulating skincare, but make sure you do your homework on the benefits each butter brings to your formulation as some have strong antioxidant properties, while others offer nourishing fatty acids or vitamins.

Remember – butters don’t contain water, so they’re perfect for developing water-free formulations that won’t dry out the skin. They will impact the final viscosity of the product, however, so if you use a high concentration, make sure the final product goes through a rapid cooling to prevent crystals from forming.

If you’d like some advice or a hand with your formulations, we’d love to help. Get in touch for a chat today.

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