Protect your customers. Protect your brand. Protect yourself.

Designing and formulating unique lotions, creams, beauty products and wellbeing products comes with risk. To innovate, we help our clients push the boundaries of accepted science. We experiment with natural ingredients to discover new properties, we combine elements of known ingredients to uncover hidden qualities. We take risks within our controlled environments to achieve ground-breaking, exciting and effective formulations. We never, however, take risks with the end result 

legalities and risks

Beautiful Solutions are able to advise on the necessary testing required for your products to be sold to the public in any country. Testing requirements differ from country to country, making this a legal nightmare for those who are unaware. Your products must meet rigorous standards, and product testing can include the following:

  • Allergen Screening 
  • In Silico and In Vitro Testing 
  • Flashpoint Testing 
  • Substrate Analysis 
  • Stability Testing 
  • Preservative Efficacy Test 
  • Patch Testing 
  • Chinese GB Testing 

While many countries share similar consumer safety standards, there are pitfalls to be aware of – especially in the health, beauty and wellbeing market. Our team is able to facilitate product testing to meet the standards of your desired country of release, offering advice and practical knowledge to assist in the process.