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Beautiful Solutions doesn’t just provide advice about the necessary testing required for your products – we can organise and execute the testing on your behalf. As the sole New Zealand and Australian representative for one of the most renowned laboratories in Europe (dedicated to instrumental, sensory and dermatological evaluations of the effects on skin of ingredients, cosmetics, toiletries, detergents and textiles), we’re experts in skin evaluations, SPF determination and sensory analysis.

Our European research centre is based in Milan, which means an added bonus for you: Kiwi and Australian clients receive the same rates as locals, so we’re able to offer extremely competitive testing packages.

legalities and risks

Consumer products must meet rigorous standards. If you’re not clued up on your testing requirements – which differ from country to country – you risk facing legal action, reputation damage and lost dollars (not to mention nights’ sleep!).

Whether it’s a brand-new product or an existing product you’re looking to update and re-market, we can give you the confidence to know what you’re claiming is true and valid – meaning total peace of mind for you and optimum safety and enjoyment for your customers.

We offer a range of product tests, including:

Sensory analysis 

Evaluation of sensorial characteristics including texture, thickness, absorption, fragrance, skin feel and packaging. Using this test, we can predict consumer appreciation of your product and launch knowing what consumer reaction is likely to be at the first application.

Sunscreen products 

  • Tolerability testing including patch, hypoallergenycity, photo-patch, tolerability in use and repeated insult patch test. All tests are done under dermatological control.
  • Het Cam (indication about irritation potential).

Sun protection – in-vivo

  • Efficacy test (SPF evaluation)
  • Method ISO 24444:2010, SPF evaluation: method ISO 24444:2010 and water resistance, efficacy or very WR efficacy, COLIPA 2005, sand repellent

Sun protection (in-vitro) 

  • SPF evaluation: Diffey and Robson method, determination of the UVA protection factor and critical wavelength value: method ISO 24443:2012, the boots star rating system (2011), photostability, sweat resistance, sand resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Soothing effect: colorimetric evaluation of the recovery speed of erythema induced by an UV sun simulator 
  • Sensory evaluation.

Body care

  • Tolerability test
  • Efficacy test
  • Anti-stretch marks, deodorants/antibacterial, tanning effect, whitening effect, cell renewal lenitive, protective, restoring
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Evaluation of the efficacy of a cosmetic treatment for cellulite imperfections
  • 3D anthropometry and infrared teletermography.

While many countries share similar consumer safety standards, there are pitfalls to be aware of – especially in the health, beauty and wellbeing market. Our team is able to facilitate product testing to meet the standards of your desired country of release, offering advice and practical knowledge to assist in the process.