Production assistance and manufacturing processes

Whether you’re expanding your existing laboratory, shifting your focus to a new product, or starting a manufacturing process: we’re here to help overcome your production challenges. With decades of practical lab experience, our team are ideally placed to help with the first production run of your new formulation. We will train your team on the manufacturing processes involved with your formulations, offering an easier transition into the production for your new range of products.    

Need help with streamlining your manufacturing processes? We’re your team. We know what’s involved with producing large quantities of product, and we know how to best organise your processes to ensure minimum waste and maximum output. We’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you and your team to success. 

asset or enemy

Future proof your lab
Regardless of the size of your current operation, it is essential that the layout of your lab allows for the possibility of growth. As we all know, product manufacturing largely relies upon market demand: are you ready to grow with your market? Your lab could be your biggest asset, or your worst enemy. We can show you how to set up your lab in a future-friendly way, giving your business the edge when it comes to rapid growth pains.  

choosing your lab equipment

Which equipment is best? Choosing your lab equipment 
Professional lab equipment is essential to the creation of quality products. Our team will guide you in the purchase of lab equipment that will yield you the best results, for the best price point.  

in-house trying

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for: the manufacturing process! We have developed your formula, your lab is set up, your team is prepared: but hands-on guidance would ensure a zero fault production run. This is where we really shine: our team are here to guide your lab technicians, working on-site in your lab, using your own equipment to produce your first batch of product. There is no substitute for training, and who better to train you and your team than the product chemists themselves?