Explore new possibilities with your very own professional lab partners. Beautiful Solutions are your personal research and development team, designing products that highlight your specified ingredients, meet your market demands and achieve real results for your clients. 

We work closely with you
to conceptualise and develop ground-breaking formulas,
tested and approved for production in your country.  

let's talk ideas

Many of our clients come to us with a concept in mind, but no clear idea on how to make their dream a reality. We take the time to discuss your ideas, to expand on them and to offer our unique perspectives on the practicality of formulating them. Drawing on our extensive experience, we are able to advise on the appropriate use of naturally active ingredients, identify potential issues and formulate a recipe to actualise your dreams. 

fluid designs

In any creative process, you must leave room for evolution. We are aware that your desired product may need tweaks and refinements along the way – and we take this on as our responsibility. We have the experience and practical knowledge to make informed decisions throughout our formulation process, always keeping your end goal firmly in mind. If we find a smoother way to achieve a better product for you, we will explore it. Evolution is life. 

formulas to celebrate nature

Demand the best from your products: with the right formula, everything is possible. Beautiful Solutions are leaders in our field, designing the blueprints for world-renowned health, beauty and wellbeing products to meet a high level of consumer expectation. When you need your concept to become a reality, we hold the keys. You can be assured of complete confidentiality, outright ownership of the formulas themselves and a high level of ongoing professional support.