Beautiful Solutions will help you gain a deeper understanding of what your ingredients are capable of, while assessing the feasibility of your concepts. When your team needs scientific support, data and research, we are here to help. Our detailed consultation service is the fastest and most comprehensive option for investigating your concept, before production begins. When you know you need a product to achieve a specific result, but you haven’t decided on the best ingredients: ask our team first. When you’re not sure on the best application for a unique ingredient, check with us. We’re your chemists down the hall: think of us as part of your team.  

talk it over

If all you need is a professional opinion, we’re happy to help. Our highly experienced international team of chemists and lab engineers are experts in the industry – we live and breathe formulas, lab set-ups and technical production processes. Our level of day-to-day practical knowledge is invaluable to those who are first starting out, and those who are scaling up or shifting focus. We’re happy to provide our services on a consultation-only basis, providing you with everything you need to ensure your next beauty, health or wellbeing product is a manufactured success.

get your facts straight

There’s nothing worse than going too far down the wrong path – especially when a professional research team could’ve saved you time, money and effort! Beautiful Solutions offer a research only option for those who are considering a new product creation, are looking at a new line of development, or who are thinking about launching a certain type of product in a new country. We have technical knowledge on testing, lab development, the manufacturing process and ingredient stability and compatibility that is imperative prior to committing to a new product range. Do you understand your ingredients, their properties, the legalities of launching in different countries, testing processes and packaging necessities? We do. Let us help.