Challenging the norm

Beautiful Solutions is a collaborative, partnership-based business, with a focus on creating unique, innovative formulas that challenge the norm. We have a clearly defined set of values that ensure we continue to work to the highest ethical standards, promoting transparency of process and commitment to quality.

Our core values


We work in close collaboration with our clients, designing formulas to meet specific needs and defined results. We enter into each client relationship with a strong foundation of respect: respect for the products we use, respect for our clients’ vision and confidentiality, and respect for the target market. We have a strong reputation for integrity, ensuring our clients receive a personalised service tailored to meet their specific needs.


All of our products, solutions and relationships need to work seamlessly together and deliver results. One of our core values is efficacy: it demands accountability which science is able to deliver.


We are leading the market in understanding, creating and identifying new products, services and ways of doing business. Innovation is at the heart of all we do. Pushing the boundaries, exploring possibilities, constantly seeking new beauty, health and wellness solutions for our modern lifestyles.


Our product formulations are the culmination of many years of experience, knowledge and academic training. Knowledge is the foundation of Beautiful Solutions. With knowledge as our base, we are able to build effective products, healthy partnerships and innovative solutions.