Conceptualise and develop ground-breaking formulas, tested and approved for production in your country


Explore new possibilities with your very own professional lab partners. Beautiful Solutions are your personal research and development team, designing products that highlight your specified ingredients, meet your market demands and achieve real results for your clients. We work closely with you to conceptualise and develop ground-breaking formulas, tested and approved for production in your country.

Consultation & Research

Beautiful Solutions will help you gain a deeper understanding of what your ingredients are capable of, while assessing the feasibility of your concepts. When your team needs scientific support, data and research, we are here to help. Our detailed consultation service is the fastest and most comprehensive option for investigating your concept, before production begins.

Product Testing

 To innovate, we help our clients push the boundaries of accepted science. We experiment with natural ingredients to discover new properties, we combine elements of known ingredients to uncover hidden qualities. We take risks within our controlled environments to achieve ground-breaking, exciting and effective formulations. We never, however, take risks with the end result 

Production Assistance & Manufacturing Processes

Need help with streamlining your manufacturing processes? We’re your team. We know what’s involved with producing large quantities of product, and we know how to best organise your processes to ensure minimum waste and maximum output. We’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you and your team to success.