Chemistry + Beauty

Beautiful Solutions is the scientific heart of your next beauty and wellbeing range.

 We transform ideas into workable formulas, taking your hero ingredients or unique concepts and creating a stable, tested chemical formula for your use. We assist with your initial production set-up and the transition into manufacturing: giving you professional help and advice when and where you need it the most.

Who are we?

Beautiful Solutions is the brainchild of Sigrid and Juergen Vorwerk. Our team of qualified and experienced chemists is led by Sigrid, who holds a Bachelor of Sciences majoring in Microbiology, with a specialisation in laboratory diagnostics. Sigrid also holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering, specialising in chemical laboratory technology and chemistry. Juergen is our business and legal adviser, holding a Masters of Laws. Sigrid and Juergen have evolved their scientific experience and chemical laboratory practices into a focus on using natural ingredients as catalysts for wellbeing and beauty. Their passion for unlocking the power of nature is equalled only by their practical and scientific knowledge, leading to the creation of Beautiful Solutions. Ours is a unique formula development and technical consultation service, from concept through to lab set up and production.

Why use Beautiful Solutions?

Developing formulations for products that will enhance health, beauty and wellbeing through innovation: this is Beautiful Solutions. We create the new, the inspiring, the unheard of. Our product formulations harness the natural power of your ingredients, unlocking the full potential held within while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the formula. We are driven by a genuine passion for discovery, a desire to extract and utilise the active health benefits of our natural world, and a belief that innovation is the key to a brighter future.

Intellectual property assured

Ensuring the privacy of your new formulation is paramount. Once we have established a working formula, we guarantee the chemical blueprints for your new product will remain strictly under your control. Not only will you be the only client who has access to the formula, but you’ll also own full intellectual property rights. Beautiful Solutions are your think tank, your chemical lab partners and your consultants: we work on your behalf, and anything we produce under your name is 100% yours.