Beautiful Solutions
The science of beauty & beyond.

Who we are what we do

An international team of chemists, creating bespoke formulations for the skincare, beauty and wellness market, promoting the use of natural and innovative ingredients.

Our Point of Difference

Integrity, innovation and scientific expertise. We are a solutions-focused team of skilled professionals, creating unique formulas to your specifications.


Our science,
your formula

Unique formulas, designed to your specifications: crafted by us, owned by you. Simply choose your base ingredient and we’ll create a safe, tested formula to meet your needs.

Expert consultation
and research

Thinking of starting a new beauty line or expanding your existing range? Our professional consultation service will ensure that your concepts are achievable.

In-vivo and in-vitro
product testing

We can arrange testing to ensure your products meet or exceed safety standards; including PET, stability testing, patch testing and Cosmetic Product Safety Reports for sales in the EU.

Production Assistance. Manufacturing Processes

We know what’s involved with producing large quantities of product, and how to best organise your processes to ensure minimum waste and maximum output. We’re happy to guide you every step of the way.